Academic All-State / All-Region

Congratulations to all student-athletes that have earned academic awards.
Academic All-State recipients are selected by UHSAA criteria.
Academic All-Region recipients are seniors with at least a 3.75 cumulative gpa.

Academic All-State

Fall 2020-21:
Mya Bateman – Cross Country
Rex Bell – Golf
Alex Dolce – Soccer
Ryan Ensign – Cross Country
Preston Evans – Golf
Georgia Hindley – Soccer
Luke Hooper – Cross Country
Camille Jensen – Cross Country
David Perry – Cross Country
Liberty Wilcox – Soccer

2020-21 Academic All-Region

Cross Country: Mya Bateman, Ryan Ensign, Bryson Harris, Josh Hooper, Camille Jensen, David Perry, Adi Stewart, Gwen Stewart, Ben Taylor
Golf: Rex Bell, Preston Evans, Isaac Florence
Football: Frankie Dolce, Jack Ford, Sau Tafisi
Soccer: Alex Dolce, Georgia Hindley, Laine Jackson, Lilly Randal, Libby Wilcox
Tennis: Nicole Peterson, Zoee Perry

Past Academic All-State

Fall 2019-20:
Katherine Liljenquist – Soccer
Scarlett Williams – Soccer
Winter 2019-20:
Sumner Bell – Wrestling
Katya Hulse – Swimming
Andrew Lloyd – Wrestling
Jenny Wilson – Swimming
Spring 2019-20:
Tristan Archuleta – Lacrosse
Sumner Bell – Lacrosse
Joy Bergstrom – Golf
Lola Genzler – Lacrosse
Andrew Lloyd – Lacrosse
Hunter Rose – Tennis

Fall 2018-19:
Caroline Boyden – Soccer
Kate Christensen – Soccer
Mikyla Dance – Cross Country
Joshua Hartvigsen – Cross Country
Wesley Kirchner – Golf
Jack Perry – Cross Country
Winter 2018-19:
Michael Haggard – Swimming
Spencer Hopson – Swimming
Zach Moore – Basketball
Adam Oviedo – Drama, Music, Swimming
Spring 2018-19:
Caroline Boyden – Track & Field
Kate Christensen – Golf
Joshua Hartvigsen – Track & Field
Jack Perry – Soccer
Jacob Wettstein – Tennis