Coronavirus Information (Main)


Salt Lake County is currently in the HIGH LEVEL of the COVID-19 Transmission Index


  • Participation in athletic activities is voluntary; those who choose to participate may come into contact with an infected individual and may be required to quarantine
  • All participants must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before each workout
    • Attendance records kept for potential contact tracing
  • Maximum group size (practices) = 20
    • Indoor practice group size may be smaller and determined by the venue’s ability to adequately distance when not directly involved in vigorous activity
    • Only those involved in practices are allowed at on-campus venues
  • Contact and competitions are allowed
  • Spectators are allowed at games with limited capacity (see Spectator Expectations & Ticketing)
  • Continued adherence to best practices to reduce the risk of spreading the virus including:
    • Masks or face coverings for student-athletes when not directly involved in activity (before, after and possibly during workouts), and for all coaches
    • Physical distancing when not directly involved in activity
    • Personal hygiene (hand washing/use of sanitizer) and regular equipment sanitizing

Updated athletic department information related to COVID-19 will be posted here. Please follow the most current guidelines and instructions given by coaches to decrease your chances to contract and/or spread the virus. Failure to follow instructions could result in loss of participation opportunities for individuals, teams, or the athletic department.

Guiding Principles:

  • We will follow the guidance of state and local government officials and health departments in conjunction with the UHSAA when determining what can and cannot be done at practices and workouts
  • All participation opportunities are voluntary – we respect the rights of families to make participation decisions based on individual health concerns
  • Increased infection control measures will be used to help minimize risk
  • All participants must provide accurate health information to minimize the risk to others
    • Those who have or develop symptoms should stay home or will be sent home

Participants Responsibilities:

  • If you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or your health status is in question — STAY HOME
    • Click here for a list of common symptoms from the CDC
  • Any instruction given by a coach, trainer, or administrator about physical distancing, group sizes, hygiene, etc must be followed
  • You must be screened for symptoms by a coach or trainer upon arrival to any workout
  • Congregating (“hanging out”) before or after a workout is not allowed – make transportation arrangements to be there on time and be picked up or leave immediately after a workout
  • You must bring your own water and water bottle and cannot share with others
  • All participants should wear face masks when not actively participating (at minimum before and after the workout); coaches should wear face masks at all times when physical distancing is not possible; face masks are required for any interactions with a trainer (assessment, treatment, etc)
  • Strict hygiene standards must be followed, including washing hands prior to the workout and using hand sanitizer often
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes must be worn at all times (including wearing shirts); clothes and personal equipment (jerseys, helmets, gloves, etc) should not be shared; clothes should be washed after each use

Return to Participation Disclosure Form:
Student-athletes and a parent/guardian must work together to complete this form prior to participation. Forms can be completed online and submitted or downloaded and returned to coaches.

SLCSD Return to Participation Plan:

  • Click here for more information on restrictions and allowances during the state color coded risk phases
    • This information was put together during initial return to participation during the spring/summer and may change with updated direction from the health department, SLCSD, and UHSAA

UHSAA Updates and Adjustments:

  • Click here for more information about adjustments to UHSAA policies due to the COVID pandemic


If you have questions about opportunities for each sport or need to contact a coach about COVID-19 related issues, please email the appropriate coach from the list found here.
If you have other athletic department questions, please email Coach Lowe at

(updated 10/30/2020)