Participant Responsibilities

All participants must do their part to reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19. Failure to comply to the following items will potentially put others at risk and may be cause for loss of workout privileges.

Participants Responsibilities:

  • If you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or your health status is in question — STAY HOME
  • Any instruction given by a coach, trainer, or administrator about physical distancing, group sizes, hygiene, etc must be followed
  • You must be screened for symptoms by a coach or trainer upon arrival to any workout
  • Congregating (“hanging out”) before or after a workout is not allowed – make transportation arrangements to be there on time and be picked up or leave immediately after a workout
  • You must bring your own water and water bottle and cannot share with others
  • All participants should wear face masks when not actively participating (at minimum before and after the workout); coaches should wear face masks at all times when physical distancing is not possible; face masks are required for any interaction with a trainer (assessment, treatment, etc)
  • Strict hygiene standards must be followed, including washing hands prior to the workout and using hand sanitizer often
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes must be worn at all times (including wearing shirts); clothes and personal equipment (jerseys, helmets, gloves, etc) should not be shared; clothes should be washed after each use